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What Affects Stucco Repair Cost

Home Exterior Stucco Repair Pricing for Roofs and Elevated Platforms by Georges Quality of Southwest Florida

Understanding stucco repair pricing requires a fundamental understanding of the variables that a company considers. Some stucco repairs can be straightforward, and the cost can be determined based on a few pictures and a description, while more complex repairs require a site visit and a detailed conversation.

Accessibility of Stucco Repair

The price for repairing the exterior stucco of a home can vary depending on how accessible the damaged area is to the skilled workers. Working on a roof or an elevated platform brings on a higher risk. Workers must take precautions and follow proper safety procedures, which also slows the overall process of the repair. A repair on the second floor of a home requires adequate scaffolding to complete; this requires additional set-up time and equipment hauling. A ground level exterior damage saves on prep time and overall cost.

Home Exterior Stucco Repair Pricing for Roofs and Elevated Platforms by Georges Quality of Southwest Florida

Depth of Stucco Repair

Once water starts entering a home’s wall systems, especially a wood-framed house, the damage can become extensive if not immediately remedied. What begins as a less-expensive minor stucco repair that needs good sealing could end up being a more expensive in-depth repair job that requires wood replacement and possible mold remediation. Depending on the local jurisdiction, a more extensive exterior repair might also incur the cost of permitting and structural inspections.

Home Walls Stucco Repair Pricing for Wood-Framed Houses by Georges Quality of Southwest Florida

Quality of Stucco Repair

Repairs and repair companies vary in quality. Using proper materials, fasteners, and procedures will cost more upfront than a temporary repair that is strictly based on a low budget. The higher quality repair becomes the most cost-effective once the cheaper repair becomes a recurring cost. As with any process, unforeseen variables arise, but a company committed to a quality repair will always be available to re-examine challenges to the best of its abilities.

Home Stucco Repair Pricing by Georges Quality of Southwest Florida