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Helping Your Exterior Help You in 2023

Helping your exterior help you in 2023 | Georges Quality Construction

How kept up the exterior of your home looks will directly affect your curb appeal and can go a long way in protecting your investment. Regular maintenance and needed washing can prevent a host of potentially costly problems. Maintaining your home’s exterior allows you to inspect little defects and tackle minor damages that, if left unrepaired, can lead to water intrusion and structural decay.


A good wash every now and then will give a home’s exterior a fresh look. Washing your home’s exterior will help remove dirt, grime, mud, pollen, and many other surface debris that encumber your home’s exterior paint. Once your home is properly washed, you will be able to see any fine stucco cracking, chipping, and even bulging clearly. The choices for cleaning the exterior of your home are either a pressure wash or a soft wash. A pressure wash can help remove stubborn surface dirt and can be very helpful in removing loose old paint. A soft wash has the advantage of being gentle to more fragile surfaces but still being an effective cleaning process.

The choice between pressure washing and soft washing most times boils down to individual unique preferences and situations.

Fresh Paint

After you have adequately cleaned the exterior of your home, a fresh paint job can enhance the appearance and promote overall surface health. As an added protective layer from the environment, fresh paint can assist in preserving siding and stucco for many years. Choosing a good quality paint from a trusted brand like Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore is recommended; this way, the exterior of your home gets the best level of protection and the most favorable appearance for the most significant amount of time.

Helping your exterior help you in 2023 | Pressure Washing, New Paint, Damage Checks

Addressing Signs

As homeowners, we often tend to push off minor cracks or issues we notice in our exterior. Although not all minor damages are high-priority issues, they are recommended to be addressed in a timely manner. As weather conditions continue to be unpredictable here in Southwest Florida, any slight crack or failing sealant can lead to substantial damage. As with anything important, the best cure is prevention.

Helping your exterior help you in 2023 | Pressure Washing, New Paint, Damage Checks