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Red Flags You Should Not Ignore from Contractors

George's Quality Construction employee painting ceiling | Red Flags You Should Not Ignore from Contractors

It can be tempting to finally tackle a project or repair on your to-do-list, but your eagerness to get started might create some blind spots when hiring a contractor. Attention to specific cues in their preliminary behavior and how they represent themselves and their business can save you from unwanted stress and frustration.


Punctuality is one of the fundamental characteristics of a true professional. Before handing over a deposit check and signing a contract, pay attention to timeliness in even the smallest details.

  • Do they call when they say they will?
  • Are documents emailed out when they say they will be?
  • Do they show up an hour late, or do they call to advise you that they will be late with a courteous phone call or text?

Punctuality is not just an indicator of their time management but is also a reflection of the time management they will bring to your project.

George's Quality Construction team arriving to a Naples, Florida job site | Red Flags You Should Not Ignore from Contractors


Understand your contractor’s motives for being in the line of work you intend to hire them for. Professionals that enjoy helping people and the community through their services have helpful and constructive conversations.

  • When you discuss the project with your contractor, do they rush to finish the conversation?
  • Are they avoidant about some of the precious small details you care about?
  • Do they give you the impression that you can ask them anything and lean on their expertise?

Great finished projects are accomplished by contractors who are motivated to help and improve the world around them.

George's Quality Construction employee assessing job site | Red Flags You Should Not Ignore from Contractors

Quality Price

How firm is your contractor’s price? If your contractor knows how much it costs to do a good job and ensure a seamless process, he should not be willing to drop the price. Experienced professionals understand that although their customers want great prices, they do not want them to cut corners.

  • Does your contractor offer steep discounts when you simply state you will get a few more quotes?
  • Does landing the job seem more important than finishing the job assignment?
  • Does the negotiated price seem too good to be true?

Your contractor should not appear to be in a frenzy to close the deal; the cost they state the job can be completed for should not decrease tremendously. You could be left with a half-completed or never started project.

George's Quality Construction employee cleaning up job site | Red Flags You Should Not Ignore from Contractors

Some red flags when hiring a contractor are apparent but focusing on how the contractor behaves in the selection process can help you envision how your project will be handled in their hands.