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Hiring the Right Contractor

Hiring the right contractor: two hands shaking

Not all contractors are reputable, licensed, insured, or adequately experienced. Before choosing a company or a contractor to work in your home, we advise doing some homework. Unfortunately, scam artists act like contractors daily here in beautiful southwest Florida. Being vigilant, using common sense, and following our tips will help save you from unnecessary headaches and costs.

Before hiring a contractor, check the local database in your county and the DBPR (Department of Business and Professional Regulation) website to ensure that they are actively licensed. Many tactics exist to fool clients, like using a fake license number or presenting another number as a license number. Ensure that they hold the proper license for the work you intend on hiring them for and that it is active and attached to the company and individual you plan on hiring. Verifying their license will ensure that you are dealing with a properly vetted and screened professional.

Always ask for a certificate of worker’s compensation and general liability before allowing anyone to perform any type of work at your house. Ensure the professional you intend to hire is fully insured; this will protect you and your household from unforeseen accidents. Verify that their insurance policies are active and UpToDate and cover the work you intend to hire them to do.

Hiring the Right Contractor

Never fail to check reviews. Previous experiences with a contractor are the closest you will get to predicting the future. Reading through reviews before hiring a contractor will help you understand what to expect and help you make an educated decision. If a contractor does not have reviews or an online presence, ask for at least a couple of phone numbers or email addresses of previous customers they have done something similar for as reference.