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Kilz Stain-blocking Primer on Drywall Minor Water Stains

When to Use Kilz Stain Blocking Primer on Drywall for Minor Water Stains

Prioritize The Source

Before you consider using a stain-blocking primer or getting your drywall repaired from a stain caused by a leak, you must fix the source problem that led to the water leak. Calling on a reputable roofer and building inspector to perform tests, repair the leak source, and locate any rotting wood is a crucial step. If mold is detected, calling a reputable mold remediation company should be the next step. Roofers will repair or replace your roof, and if it is an exterior stucco or sheathing issue, we can assist you with your repair at Georges Quality.

Replace Or Prime

Once the leak source is repaired and any required mold remediation and rotting wood replacement are complete, the remaining water-stained drywall can now be primed with a stain-blocker or replaced. The decision not to replace the stained drywall but instead prime it with a stain-blocker must be made with care. Priming with a stain-blocker can only happen if there is no peeling or fastener damage, the stain is of a very light color on a small part of the surface area, and the drywall feels dry, sturdy, and solid, not mushy or soft. Texting a picture and description directly to Georges Quality at (239) 231-0055 to get our opinion is always an option. Before hiring a contractor of any type, we recommend you read “Hiring The Right Contractor.”

When to Replace

Example of when drywall will need to be replaced

When Priming Is Possible

Example of when water damage may be primed

Condensation Stains

Minor condensation water stains can be primed with a stain-blocker if no further damage has happened beyond the light stain on the surface. These condensation water stains occur in places where moisture is more prone in the air, like a bathroom. Use care when determining choosing between priming or replacing. If a mold-like odor is present, the stain covers a significant area, or it is a concerning color, then a proper inspection by a mold professional is recommended.

The Quality Choice

Here at Georges Quality, we often replace instead of prime for peace of mind and lasting quality. When priming is preferable for our clients and us, we use Kilz. Kilz stain-blocking primer and others like it are applied directly over the stained surface before any additional priming or painting. This step seals minor water stains, rust, or grease, and any accompanying odors. Georges Quality, its associates, and employees strive to use the best quality materials, and Kilz has delivered and is our preferred stain-blocking primer.